~Miss Lemon~
3, 2, 1...
Friday, July 27, 2001

"when i look around
i think this, this is good enough
and i try to laugh
at whatever life brings
cuz when i look down
i just miss all the good stuff
and when i look up
i just trip over things..."

Yes, Ani Difranco again...I just got "Little Plastic Castle" and so far I like it...not as much as "To The Teeth" yet, but it'll do. Well, the quote is appropriate...I'm definetely "looking up" as it were, and tripping over things...not much though. I need to enjoy the moment more, but lately work has been so frantic that I've been busy planning tomorrow before I get done with today...My sweetie's still in pain...*sad*...
~Miss Lemon~
It takes two, baby...
Thursday, July 26, 2001

My sweetie's in pain...dentist troubles...I get so mucking FRUSTRATED when there's nothing I can do...Chris...if only you were closer...Why does Eugene have to be so far away? I feel awful...my sweetie's in PAIN!
~Miss Lemon~
*Refuses to be a helpless female any longer than she can help it.*
Wednesday, July 25, 2001

"I'm a pixie
I'm a paper doll..."
Ah, wonderful, wonderful Ani Difranco...Well, just sitting here and trying to collect my last reserves of energy before we go pick up Austin. I should be extremely hyper (as I will be tomorrow, I promise!) but I'm feeling a bit down right now...some...ah...new information has come to my attention, which is causing...shall we say, complications? Things are unravelling a bit. And I can't get ahold of certain people to swap certain information. *Mystery!* *Intrigue!* I AM JAMES BOND!...I guess I'd actually be "Jane Bond"..."Lemon Bond" or "Katie Bond" doesn't sound nearly as cool.
Work again tomorrow...after that (assuming he's recovered from jet lag) I get to hang out with my brother! AY! If he's still sleeping...well, there's always instant messenger :D
~Miss Lemon~
Bond. Lemon Bond.

*Head hurts*
Owww...you know, being tired wouldn't suck so much if my head didn't hurt like this...I hope I'm not getting sick...I can't afford to get sick. Not now. Hmm...what else? Oh! Today's 3 months since Chris and I became "officially unofficial" :D ...or "unofficially official" I forget which...Still, it means I get more pictures :D Also: AUSTIN GETS HOME TOMORROW!!! (my brother)...He's been in Scotland for most of the summer...he'd better damn well have an accent when he gets back! Aww, no, I really miss the kid. He's my witty better half....a little too adventurous for his own good, perhaps, but that's mostly his business. As long as he's not smoking crack I'll let him go his own way.
Ah, beautiful frapppuccino...honestly, I don't think I'd be alive right now without this frappy. It is my sustenance. My lifeblood. I have pure frappy goodness running through my veins. It is the Eternal Frappy. It...OH GOD! IT'S EMPTY!!!!!!
~Miss Lemon~
*Runs off screaming*
Tuesday, July 24, 2001

*Annoyed sigh*
No, I'm NOT drunk!
Monday, July 23, 2001

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I laugh at all you people with mediocre boyfriends! Mine is the epitome of cuteness! Cutecutecute! Yes indeedy! *swoon* He just sent me new pictures! *HAAAAAAAAPPPYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* and they're AWESOME! Especially the first one! *Dreamy sigh* Why, if I was there right now, I'd pounce all over him! Nope, no "Hello, Chris, how are you?" It'd be "*POUNCE!*" He is hotter than a toaster! :D Yup! He's a manly bucket of love!
Damn...better not embarrass him too much or he might not send me more....
~Miss Lemon~

Damn I'm tired.
Well, the EXTREME HYPERNESS I was experiencing earlier has worn off, leaving me with a very sore back and bone-tired weariness. Chris still isn't online, and I'm sick as hell of working on that poster, so here I am once more, ranting about nothing, simply because I can't rant about what's mostly on my mind, as it is top-secret. *Sigh* Plotting is fun, but when you're dying to tell someone, anyone, but you can't because everyone either knows or can't know yet...well, frankly, it sucks.
Chris is online now! Gotta go! *Grin*
~Miss Lemon~

I got an imood!
Well, really I had it before, but I forgot about it...now I have a webpage to put it on!
I'm supposed to be working on this poster for work...as usual, I'm procrastinating...but I guess I should go work on it now...I'll write more when I have it done, yes?
~Miss Lemon~

Well, that was quick...
I've realized that updating the Blog doesn't actually require me to input any useful information...I can just babble. Please enjoy my random insanity until this is all over and sanity can commence. Thank you for your patience.
Well, the pop-tart naming contest has also concluded...from a grueling 2 entries I have selected "Winston." While "Mary-Lou" was nice, it just didn't reflect the snobby British attitude that my pop-tart conveys. Thank you, Andrea and Chris.
~Miss Lemon~
Mmmm...Winston tastes like strawberry...
Sunday, July 22, 2001

CHRIS! If you figure this out I'm going to be rather disappointed!
~Miss Lemon~
As usual

Sorry, I won't be updating the Blog until this plan I'm...well, planning goes through. I said "plotting" one too many times, and my boyfriend is just too mucking clever :D
~Miss Lemon~
Ya, you betcha.

I've known your sorrow,
but everybody's tasted pain
I've known your sorrow
since god made the rain

I'm sitting here mixing music and really enjoying it....I've got one of my brother's Cowboy Mouth CDs...quite a good band really. Erm...what else? Oh! we have a winner for the sheep-naming contest: Milton. Thank you, Andrea! :D
I think that's all for now...more yelling and insanity tomorrow, when our magic number shall be 6...66. MUAHAHAHA!
~Miss Lemon~
next up: Name the Pop-Tart!
Saturday, July 21, 2001

Today's Blog is brought to you by:
Sheep, and the number 7.
Long-distance relationships suck. I mean, they really, really do. I'm not talking "Oh damn, I wish ______ was here because we could have fun," though that comes up too. It's like a constant physical pain, knowing how much you care about someone, and yet you can't be with them.
I hate it. I refuse to suffer this torture any longer than I have to, goddamnit!
~Miss Lemon~
No I'm not suicidal, just cranky.
...What's a good name for a sheep?

My brain is melting!
~Miss Lemon~
Friday, July 20, 2001

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
My head hurts. I miss my sweetie...and I HATE having to work all the time!!! Damnit...I hate being grown up. I want to be eleven again...well....ok, maybe not. I can't say I was all that happy when I was eleven either. Damn...just when I know enough to have fun, I have too many things to do to actually HAVE any fun. I get to go feed birds again today...they may try to eat my fingers, but damnit, they don't force me to make conversation, and that sounds nice right now. I refuse to talk to another six, seven, or eight year old until Monday.

~Miss Lemon~
Bird food

Lookee! It's a post!
Hmm...news....not much to tell, other than the horrible busy-ness of death. Oh! I got accepted to the dorms! YAAAY! I don't have to worry about looking for apartments any time soon! Plus I can actually get to know people! Hmmm....I wonder when school starts? I should probably find that out sooner or later.
~Miss Lemon~

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Behold...A decent-sized blog.
Or so I hope.
Hmm...where to begin? I worked 11.5 hours today. First, I yelled at children for being noisy. Children....*shudder*...smelly little beasts...Then I yelled at birds for being noisy. Actually, the birds were kinda fun. Then my mom was almost 2 hours late picking me up. Then I got home, and my parents dragged me out to see the Oscar Meyer Weiner car, and got annoyed at me because I was too damn exhausted to get excited. IT'S A GODDAMN HOTDOG ON WHEELS FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! NOW LET ME SLEEP!
Anyway, other than that, I'm racking my brain for gifts. What do you give someone when you don't really know them, and you don't want to sound like you're sucking up, but you really owe them because they helped you out? The only thing that I can think of is candles. Or cookies, but cookies won't work in this case. Damn. I make good cookies, too. Well, if you have any ideas...write me, yo.
~Miss Lemon~
...tired. must...think...of...gift....
Wednesday, July 18, 2001

~Miss Lemon~
Monday, July 16, 2001

I. Hate. My. Father.
I hate my father.

On the other hand, I really am pleased in discovering these planning (or, to use a more fun word, "plotting" (because really, "plotting something" sounds so much better than "planning something")) abilities that I didn't know I had...I will (probably) explain this later, but right now, I think not.

~Miss Lemon~
(Still) Queen of Mystery

Today is my last futile cling to technology before I'm dragged away into the wilderness for the weekend, destined to live on berries and small woodland creatures before I'm invariable driven insane. Pity me. A weekend with no e-mail, no instant messenger, no Penny Arcade, and most importantly, no communication of any sort between me and my sweetie. Welcome to hell, folks, welcome to hell...Oh well, at least there's booze.

~Miss Lemon~
Friday, July 13, 2001

Oy vey.
Work is hell.
You probably know that already, but I have the added stress of working with kids, who seem to be chalk full of energy. When you're tired because you only got 4 hours of sleep, you don't deal very well with "Teacher! TEACHER!" Half of them don't even know my name...it's quite frustrating. I'm tired. More Blog tomorrow, I promise.

~Miss Lemon~
Queen of mystery
...but only for today.
Thursday, July 12, 2001

I got to see the Final Fantasy movie today! *drool*...FABULOUS! Plotline was a tad cheesy, but...the animation!!! *swoon* I wore my Selphie costume ^_^;; People stared....but then, they usually do. Heehee! Bright red hair tends to do that, ya know? Well, not much else besides me being tired and sick of work and missing Chris and worrying. I've been feeling really weird and freaky these last few days...ever since Jen left I've been really lonely, and Chris hasn't been helping much...whenever we get online we basically sit and think about how much we miss each other and don't type anything. It sucks, because one thing I love about him is his sense of humor, and he's been too bored/depressed lately...I want to go visit him, but...*sigh*...I have work, and a trip won't be possible for a long time.
I know this varies greatly from my last post (all people are good, why can't we all just get along, life is wonderful, yay). Perhaps I'm bi-polar. Gak.
Anyway, the only way to cure a bad/sad mood like this is: James Bond movies, chocolate and alcohol, preferably all together...or a friend with a shoulder to cry on, or a hot bath. As I have neither James Bond movies, chocolate, alcohol, or an avaliable friend, that leaves a nice bath...Talk to y'all later.

~Miss Lemon~
*Feels Rotten*
Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Hey there!
My friend Jen's in town for a few days...we went out to dinner and then ran around town blasting Beatles music and watching the sunset and drinking caffeine. I'm in a reeeally good mood today...I'm plotting something (can't say what! It's a secret!) and it looks like it's going to work out! YAY!
Yesterday I was really tired and mopey from sleep-deprivation (it finally kicked in) and today I'm insane again. I am twitterpated. Infatuated. High on love. It's scary...I've never felt so crazy about a guy, and it looks like this is going to be a nice, healthy relationship. But goddamnit, he lives so bloody far away...
Ah well. For now I am content to cruise around Boise, with the cool night air and the pink and purple and yellow sky, and the smooth, beat-rockin' tunes blasting. Jen and I went to Fred Meyers and bought Frappaccinos and swing danced in the aisles singing "Can't Buy Me Love" at the top of our lungs. People stared, which means we were a success. I wish summer days like this could last forever...I know I'm still young, but I hope I never stop being wild and random, because that's when life loses something...
Not sure what to call it, but I see it in people's eyes sometimes...when you grin at them and they just glare at you like you're a nut, but I mean...why not just smile back? We're all just people. I don't know what I'm trying to say, I just...yeah.
Sometimes you walk down the street and the people you look at are dead in their eyes. They're still up and walking, but they've lost what they need to enjoy life...
Hmm...that sounds funny. But I know what I mean.
I'm kind of afraid to post this, because some people will read it and not understand, and they will yell at me to stop being a goddamn hippie, but...that's how I feel.

~Miss Lemon~
Queen of Clumsy Words
Monday, July 09, 2001

Same bat time, same bat channel!
Warning: The following blog is pure insanity, caused by sleep deprivation. It’s…oh, maybe 75% rambling, 25% sincerity. You decide which is which.

Well, this whole "not sleeping" thing wouldn’t be so bad except for the horrible jungle madness. You know, when your brain muddles everything together like a watercolor painting with too much water and the colors running everywhere. I’m online, of course. I’m always online. I am a web junkie. Particularly an IM and webcomic junkie. And I like dunkaroos. What the hell ever happened to dunkaroos?! Best snack ever! Well, except for Teddy Grahams. The chocolate ones are the best. And the chocolate chip ones. Pop-Tarts are good, but I’m still debating about whether they’re better toasted or un-toasted. I like the kitten-flavored ones. Mmmmmm....toasted kittens......I was up all night playing the Diablo expansion pack. YAAAY! Assassin! Big claws! My boyfriend sent me some 3D rendered pictures…a couple of faeries, and one of a mech…which, in my current state led to only one idea: Faerie Mechs. Don’t get me wrong, I like Faeries (yes, in all aspects of the word faerie) but wouldn’t that be funny? Faerie Mechs! Heehee!
You know, it won’t sound as funny tomorrow, so I better try to enjoy it while I can.
Hmm...what else?
Gah. Nope, can’t keep writing, gotta sleep now.

~Miss Lemon~

Saturday, July 07, 2001

Of course I have all kinds of rants in my head, and now, when I can actually post them, they escape me. Perhaps later then, when I'm feeling more eloquent.

~Miss Lemon~
Wednesday, July 04, 2001



Cam pops up.

Feeling: Cranky.
Eating: Scone thing.
Reading: "God-Emperor of Dune" by Frank Herbert
Listening to: My Digital Illustration teacher (Mr. Thompson)
Playing: Nothing
Arch-nemesis: Mornings
Currently Preferring: Computers over PEOPLE.
craving: Salad & Coffee

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