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I've known your sorrow,
but everybody's tasted pain
I've known your sorrow
since god made the rain

I'm sitting here mixing music and really enjoying it....I've got one of my brother's Cowboy Mouth CDs...quite a good band really. Erm...what else? Oh! we have a winner for the sheep-naming contest: Milton. Thank you, Andrea! :D
I think that's all for now...more yelling and insanity tomorrow, when our magic number shall be 6...66. MUAHAHAHA!
~Miss Lemon~
next up: Name the Pop-Tart!

Saturday, July 21, 2001

Today's Blog is brought to you by:
Sheep, and the number 7.
Long-distance relationships suck. I mean, they really, really do. I'm not talking "Oh damn, I wish ______ was here because we could have fun," though that comes up too. It's like a constant physical pain, knowing how much you care about someone, and yet you can't be with them.
I hate it. I refuse to suffer this torture any longer than I have to, goddamnit!
~Miss Lemon~
No I'm not suicidal, just cranky.
...What's a good name for a sheep?

My brain is melting!
~Miss Lemon~

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
My head hurts. I miss my sweetie...and I HATE having to work all the time!!! Damnit...I hate being grown up. I want to be eleven again...well....ok, maybe not. I can't say I was all that happy when I was eleven either. Damn...just when I know enough to have fun, I have too many things to do to actually HAVE any fun. I get to go feed birds again today...they may try to eat my fingers, but damnit, they don't force me to make conversation, and that sounds nice right now. I refuse to talk to another six, seven, or eight year old until Monday.

~Miss Lemon~
Bird food

Lookee! It's a post!
Hmm...news....not much to tell, other than the horrible busy-ness of death. Oh! I got accepted to the dorms! YAAAY! I don't have to worry about looking for apartments any time soon! Plus I can actually get to know people! Hmmm....I wonder when school starts? I should probably find that out sooner or later.
~Miss Lemon~

Behold...A decent-sized blog.
Or so I hope.
Hmm...where to begin? I worked 11.5 hours today. First, I yelled at children for being noisy. Children....*shudder*...smelly little beasts...Then I yelled at birds for being noisy. Actually, the birds were kinda fun. Then my mom was almost 2 hours late picking me up. Then I got home, and my parents dragged me out to see the Oscar Meyer Weiner car, and got annoyed at me because I was too damn exhausted to get excited. IT'S A GODDAMN HOTDOG ON WHEELS FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! NOW LET ME SLEEP!
Anyway, other than that, I'm racking my brain for gifts. What do you give someone when you don't really know them, and you don't want to sound like you're sucking up, but you really owe them because they helped you out? The only thing that I can think of is candles. Or cookies, but cookies won't work in this case. Damn. I make good cookies, too. Well, if you have any ideas...write me, yo.
~Miss Lemon~
...tired. must...think...of...gift....

~Miss Lemon~

I. Hate. My. Father.
I hate my father.

On the other hand, I really am pleased in discovering these planning (or, to use a more fun word, "plotting" (because really, "plotting something" sounds so much better than "planning something")) abilities that I didn't know I had...I will (probably) explain this later, but right now, I think not.

~Miss Lemon~
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