Ok, nobody click anything.

~Miss Lemon~
3, 2, 1...

"when i look around
i think this, this is good enough
and i try to laugh
at whatever life brings
cuz when i look down
i just miss all the good stuff
and when i look up
i just trip over things..."

Yes, Ani Difranco again...I just got "Little Plastic Castle" and so far I like it...not as much as "To The Teeth" yet, but it'll do. Well, the quote is appropriate...I'm definetely "looking up" as it were, and tripping over things...not much though. I need to enjoy the moment more, but lately work has been so frantic that I've been busy planning tomorrow before I get done with today...My sweetie's still in pain...*sad*...
~Miss Lemon~
It takes two, baby...

Thursday, July 26, 2001

My sweetie's in pain...dentist troubles...I get so mucking FRUSTRATED when there's nothing I can do...Chris...if only you were closer...Why does Eugene have to be so far away? I feel awful...my sweetie's in PAIN!
~Miss Lemon~
*Refuses to be a helpless female any longer than she can help it.*

"I'm a pixie
I'm a paper doll..."
Ah, wonderful, wonderful Ani Difranco...Well, just sitting here and trying to collect my last reserves of energy before we go pick up Austin. I should be extremely hyper (as I will be tomorrow, I promise!) but I'm feeling a bit down right now...some...ah...new information has come to my attention, which is causing...shall we say, complications? Things are unravelling a bit. And I can't get ahold of certain people to swap certain information. *Mystery!* *Intrigue!* I AM JAMES BOND!...I guess I'd actually be "Jane Bond"..."Lemon Bond" or "Katie Bond" doesn't sound nearly as cool.
Work again tomorrow...after that (assuming he's recovered from jet lag) I get to hang out with my brother! AY! If he's still sleeping...well, there's always instant messenger :D
~Miss Lemon~
Bond. Lemon Bond.

*Head hurts*
Owww...you know, being tired wouldn't suck so much if my head didn't hurt like this...I hope I'm not getting sick...I can't afford to get sick. Not now. Hmm...what else? Oh! Today's 3 months since Chris and I became "officially unofficial" :D ...or "unofficially official" I forget which...Still, it means I get more pictures :D Also: AUSTIN GETS HOME TOMORROW!!! (my brother)...He's been in Scotland for most of the summer...he'd better damn well have an accent when he gets back! Aww, no, I really miss the kid. He's my witty better half....a little too adventurous for his own good, perhaps, but that's mostly his business. As long as he's not smoking crack I'll let him go his own way.
Ah, beautiful frapppuccino...honestly, I don't think I'd be alive right now without this frappy. It is my sustenance. My lifeblood. I have pure frappy goodness running through my veins. It is the Eternal Frappy. It...OH GOD! IT'S EMPTY!!!!!!
~Miss Lemon~
*Runs off screaming*

*Annoyed sigh*
No, I'm NOT drunk!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I laugh at all you people with mediocre boyfriends! Mine is the epitome of cuteness! Cutecutecute! Yes indeedy! *swoon* He just sent me new pictures! *HAAAAAAAAPPPYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* and they're AWESOME! Especially the first one! *Dreamy sigh* Why, if I was there right now, I'd pounce all over him! Nope, no "Hello, Chris, how are you?" It'd be "*POUNCE!*" He is hotter than a toaster! :D Yup! He's a manly bucket of love!
Damn...better not embarrass him too much or he might not send me more....
~Miss Lemon~

Damn I'm tired.
Well, the EXTREME HYPERNESS I was experiencing earlier has worn off, leaving me with a very sore back and bone-tired weariness. Chris still isn't online, and I'm sick as hell of working on that poster, so here I am once more, ranting about nothing, simply because I can't rant about what's mostly on my mind, as it is top-secret. *Sigh* Plotting is fun, but when you're dying to tell someone, anyone, but you can't because everyone either knows or can't know yet...well, frankly, it sucks.
Chris is online now! Gotta go! *Grin*
~Miss Lemon~

I got an imood!
Well, really I had it before, but I forgot about it...now I have a webpage to put it on!
I'm supposed to be working on this poster for work...as usual, I'm procrastinating...but I guess I should go work on it now...I'll write more when I have it done, yes?
~Miss Lemon~

Well, that was quick...
I've realized that updating the Blog doesn't actually require me to input any useful information...I can just babble. Please enjoy my random insanity until this is all over and sanity can commence. Thank you for your patience.
Well, the pop-tart naming contest has also concluded...from a grueling 2 entries I have selected "Winston." While "Mary-Lou" was nice, it just didn't reflect the snobby British attitude that my pop-tart conveys. Thank you, Andrea and Chris.
~Miss Lemon~
Mmmm...Winston tastes like strawberry...

CHRIS! If you figure this out I'm going to be rather disappointed!
~Miss Lemon~
As usual

Sorry, I won't be updating the Blog until this plan I'm...well, planning goes through. I said "plotting" one too many times, and my boyfriend is just too mucking clever :D
~Miss Lemon~
Ya, you betcha.



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