Ok, nobody click anything.

Ye gods...
I haven't updated for more than a week...
*shrugs* 's not like anyone reads this anyway, yeah?
Yeah, ok. Ummm....
I just got back from camping. That says it all, really. I really dislike camping. I'm in a bad frame of mind right now...nothing like three straight days of smotheringly hot days, freezing nights spent with too few blankets, no proper bathrooms (which, if you're a girl, like moi, is HELL), and to top it all off you're sharing a tent with two exchange students who barely understand a word you say.
Plus, we tried to teach them Magic, which many english-speaking people don't understand.
That was probably a mistake...
Plus Chris is coming to visit in !EIGHT! days, so I was damn well preoccupied the whole time :D
~Miss Lemon~
*Very, very happy to be back*



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