Ok, nobody click anything.

Well, today's homework day and tomorrow's RELAXATION day!
I figure if I get enough stuff done today, tomorrow I can relax without worrying about everything I have to do and then this weekend I can do more homework and maybe even get some work done on projects ahead of time, which would help me out a lot. I guess it's best that I didn't go to Corvallis this weekend, even though I really wanted to...I miss Chris a LOT...But I guess I needed to catch up on things...if I were going I'd probably be even more behind on homework and stuff...
Well, I'll get all caught up this week and next weekend I get to go see him!
There's my motivation, yes?
Other than that...I'm having an ok day, I guess...writing sucked, as usual...Tai Chi was cool though, because I got a good grade on a paper I did, and he said that if you got an "A" you get an extra absence! I've already used both of my absences, so that was really good news.
And to think I half-assed that paper completely... :D
Time to go...Lunch calleth. I missed breakfast again.

~Miss Lemon~

Thursday, November 01, 2001

I have ph4t l3wt!

I love Halloween! Candy Poker!

~Miss Lemon~
Oh yeah! Groovy girls!

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Does not!
Eric and I are having a debate on whether or not Harley Quinn (from Batman: the animated series) sleeps around. No WAY! She's loyal to the Joker! He's her man! I mean that girl is madly, madly in love with him, even though he treats her wrong...Shame on him! Can't he see that Harley would do anything for his pasty-faced, green-haired, purple-suited ass? He doesn't deserve her! She's spunky and innocent and energetic and bouncy and oh-so-cool! Ok, maybe she's a little flirty, but what woman supervillain doesn't turn on the charm from time to time? It doesn't mean they sleep around with everyone!
The thing I'm noticing as we're having this debate though, is this: I look up to chick supervillains more than I do chick superheroes...I mean, Catwoman is WAY cooler than Batgirl, or even Wonder Woman for that matter. Catwoman has style. Hell, Catwoman is style! And Poison Ivy kicks! Her and Jessica Rabbit, the two great sexy cartoon redheads. Even though I guess Jessica Rabbit was really good in the end. The nice thing about all these cool villain chicas though, is that they all have a little good in them...they're evil, but they're not all evil.
I have no idea why I look up to these women...to me they all embody some kind of mysterious womanly power that I was never able to grasp. Any one of them could seduce any man she wanted and totally get away with it. And they work together, too! Well, maybe not Catwoman (she almost always works alone, which is still style), but Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have this AWESOME "sisters in crime" thing going on. They back each other up, they help each other out, they're there for each other in a way that's not always present among superheroes, because superheroes always have to have their little "dramas"...it keeps the story going.
Hell, I don't know what I'm talking about right now, they're just cool. I need to go sleep so's I can collect myself because I'm rambling and expatiating all over the place. Eck.

~Miss Lemon~
Eric: She does NOT!

Yes, I'm back from Boise. We had a LOT of fun...me & the Beatniks drove down there Saturday morning, got in, saw my family (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!) had fun running around...that evening we went to the Radio Room, which was kind of interesting; I got hit on, and Eric (Who was wearing a dress because people with costumes on got in cheaper) had his ass grabbed a couple of times. :D We told him we're going to call him Erica now, heh heh. Then we went home and to sleep...the next morning the Beatniks went hiking and I stayed home and went on some errands with my mom, which was really cool...I love hanging out with my mom!
Anyway, that's not really the story. The REAL story is that we got stranded by the side of the road because Eric(a)'s car broke down, which was actually as FUN AS HELL!!!
I like having adventures like that because I know I'll have experiences to write about later...it's great!
Anyway, we sat around and waited for the tow truck, but all the mechanic-y shops were closed because it was Sunday, so we LEFT ERIC(A)'S CAR IN CALDWELL, IDAHO!
I laugh every time anyone says that, and so does Eric(a) and the rest of the Beatniks :D It's GREAT!
My parents gave us the van so we could get back, only I can't drive it anywhere because I'm not insured for it and I'm scared it'll break down or something...
I love adventures!
Oh! Oh! And tonight we're going to run around and be ninjas because it's been raining all day today, and overcast and misty...I'm talking we're-in-a-cloud misty...it's AWESOME! The only time Boise ever gets fog is reeeeeal early in the morning sometimes, and it doesn't hang around like this stuff does...
I love rain. I love mist.
I miss my home though...
I went back and was all hyper and I got kinda sad at Austin because he doesn't show a lot of emotion and I didn't think he was very glad to see me, but maybe that's just hid thing, I don't know and I'm babbling, so ok I'm going to go now.
There's my story, and today has really been a very nice day.

~Miss Lemon~
Ninja Queen

Monday, October 29, 2001



Eating: Rice
Reading: "Neuromancer" by William Gibson
Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay
Playing: Neverwinter Nights

craving: Coconut Pocky & Caramel cappuchino

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