Not blog-wise, novel-wise. I'm trying to work on a story.
I know what's going to happen, but I'm stuck.
It's making me all cranky!!!

~Miss Lemon~
*Curses profusely at story and everything in general*
Friday, January 25, 2002

Well, I guess I've uploaded my first "official" web page...just something
for web design class, but it's ok I guess, apart from being slightly primitive.
I'm going to do a better one soon, hopefully...I want him to teach us how
to do mouseovers, but a lot of people in the class aren't that far yet. =o_O=
Anyway, here it is.

~Miss Lemon~
Yellow Valkyrie needs food badly!
Tuesday, January 22, 2002


Stupid Blog, always messing up!

Well, the message below was mainly to alert everyone who reads this--
*looks around for people who read this* Umm....
Well, anyway, Maison Otaku is back. I'm happy!

~Miss Lemon~
I just wish Blog-thingy would work better
Friday, January 18, 2002


Lemon Kitty at 9:33:00 AM

Kick kick

I kick things! Woo! Lookit me kick things!
*ahem* *composes self* *looks around to make
sure no one saw that*
*walks off nonchalantly*

I'm feeling odd today. I want to kick people and/or
yell at them, which is unusual because whenever I
get overly violent/cranky it's usually directed at myself.

I guess I'm just feeling...tiredly hyper. Not sure how
to explain body is tired and achy, but my brain
is bouncing around the inside of my head yelling and
screaming and cursing.

And I'm supposed to be taking a philosophy test...I ought
to do that.

Me: Ok Brain, calm down.
Brain: People are stupid! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!
Me: Yeah, but we need to study now.
Brain: ArghrarghrackamfracckamRAAAAAAAARGH!!!! IMPALE
Me: Ok, that's enough. Don't make me put you in your happy place.
Brain: I LIKE being cranky! Don't make me call Ms. S. on you!
Me: You can't right now. TREES!
Brain: Yipeyipeyipe!!! *runs away*
Me: No, come back! I need you!
Brain: *hides in corner*
Brain: Ok, ok!!! I'll be good!
Me: Damn straight.

~Miss Lemon~
*sort of in control of her brain*
Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Message Hell

Well, I'm sitting here going through FAR TOO MANY e-mails
because apparently my e-mail account has exceeded its storage
capacity or whatever...And I quote: "ERROR: Your account is
over 2560k in size. Access to your account has been temporarily
disabled. Please delete messages so your account size will be
reduced and you will regain access within 24 hours or sign up for
Hotmail Extra Storage."
I don't want your goddamn extra storage, bastards!
Wait...yes I do.

On the other hand, this is fun because I get to go through and
re-read all my mushy love-letters that Chris sent me!

And...crap. it's 11 and I still have a paper to write....

~Miss Lemon~
Monday, January 14, 2002


I was having a really lousy morning (*cough*KICKBOXINGISEVILANDFULLOFPREPPYS!*cough*),
but I went to Ethics, so I'm feeling much better now, which is groovy.
I'm very, very tired though...I need to hook up my phone, too, so people
can call me....
Awww...I checked e-mail and Chris said he tried to call...damnit! I should
have hooked the phone up this weekend!

Oh well...I was busy doing other shots. :D
We all (everybody!) got fairly drunk and had good talks about lots of things.
And we had group hugs and ran around saying things like "I love you guys!"
and "You guys are wonderful!" Which I still meant at least, even if I was
drunk. I care so much about everyone here...I would seriously do anything
for them. It's hard sometimes, because I can't really tell them how special
they are or how much they mean to me, but I love everyone here so much...

~Miss Lemon~
Now to go light things on fire. I homework. Really.

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

I should be doing homework...I'm trying to get it all done.
No attention span for blogging or e-mail today.

~Miss Lemon~
Perhaps later
Friday, January 11, 2002


Stuff that happened today:
1. Went to Web class
2. Drew in Photoshop while the teacher discussed random things I already knew
3. Snickered when he said "more smoother" when referring to images or something (I don't know, I wasn't listening)
4. Lunch
5. Went to Intro to fiction Class
6. Drew in sketchbook while the teached discussed random things I already knew
7. Asked teacher if I could show him some of my writing and get feedback
8. Met some guy who reads Pratchett, waited for film class to start
9. Watched depressing movie...couldn't draw: too dark
10. Came home, worked on novel, read, drew
11. Dinner
12. And now: Drawing class. As if I haven't been dong that all day.

~Miss Lemon~
And after that? Homework and sleep.
Thursday, January 10, 2002


I am officially screwing around in web class.
Well, not really...nothing's started yet. Meh. :P
I hope I don't know all this stuff already. If not, it'll be a good review. Probably.
If not, maybe I can test out. :D

Heehee! it's my photography teacher!
Class is starting...

~Miss Lemon~
Shakalaka boom, baby.
Tuesday, January 08, 2002



Cam pops up.

Feeling: Cranky.
Eating: Scone thing.
Reading: "God-Emperor of Dune" by Frank Herbert
Listening to: My Digital Illustration teacher (Mr. Thompson)
Playing: Nothing
Arch-nemesis: Mornings
Currently Preferring: Computers over PEOPLE.
craving: Salad & Coffee

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