Ok, nobody click anything.

Lord Chaos, bless this unholy lair of darkness

I love 8-bit Theater.

Hmmm..what news?
I've been really sad today for some reason...not depressed, really, just...sad.
Hopefully that'll get better...I told Darcy I'd go out with her and the girls
tonight (it's her birthday), and there's a cultural thing-y down in Boyle which
looks fun and offers FREE FOOD (really, what other reason do you need?), and I have
to finish some valenmatines, but for now I think I need a nap or something. Also,
I think some of the drama is calming down around here, which is good.
Hmmm...what else?
Crap...I just remembered I have an Introduction to Fiction paper due tomorrow...
Damnit, I wanted a nap.

~Miss Lemon~
Oh, and I have to scan things...I want to play in photoshop some more!

Wednesday, February 13, 2002


Argh. I'm tired, and I'm sick of studying.
I've been holed up in my room doing not much else (ok, ok, there was some
procrastination and playing-of-computer games in there somewhere).
I have a midterm today, and still about a bajillion things to do.

On a strictly blog-ish note, I'm thinking about getting rid of Lute.
It was originally meant as a more poetic-type blog, whereas this one is mostly ranting.
What usually happens instead is that I just repeat whatever I say here, and frankly, it's a
pain in the ass, so I may just do away with it. But I'm not sure.

Anyway...now to go read webcomics. I'm tired and not yet ready to focus
on anything. I'm not cranky cranky, but i"m semi-cranky. There
are certain people *cough*webdesignteacher!*cough* that I'd like to kick
in the shins right now. But mostly I just want a nap.

Wish me luck on el midterm-o...

~Miss Lemon~
I'll get caffeine at lunch, and be ok.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002



Eating: Rice
Reading: "Neuromancer" by William Gibson
Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay
Playing: Neverwinter Nights

craving: Coconut Pocky & Caramel cappuchino

Spike Puchiko Lain! Inuyasha Ryoga

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