Rats and preppys and panic, oh my!

Gramatically, I don't know if that's supposed to be "preppies," but anyway, on to the story.

Basic premise: We like pets. Dorm rules do not allow pets. Fuck dorm rules. A good friend of mine (who shall remain nameless, "just in case"), has a cute little rat named PK. This is the sweetest, most loveable rat you have ever seen. I'm not even kidding. Anyway, for awhile PK lived in a cage, but then my friend just sort of let her roam around the desk, which was ok too, as she would go back to her cage to eat, and things like that. Then she got on to the floor somehow, and that was still ok because she would just wander around a little bit and was easy to catch. You probably see where this was going.
Anyway, my neighbors (who we refer to as "squeakyfreaks" because they SQUEAL LIKE LITTLE GIRLS) are the classic preppy type-- giggle and converse in voices that don't seem to have suffered puberty, say "ohmigod" far too often, and all have the same color of fake, bleached-blond hair (which is really frightening).
I have bright pink hair, and like computers, big words, and wearing lots of black as well as funky clothes I buy at thrift stores. Granted, I do like anime and tend to act overly...perky sometimes, but I use my perkiness to mock people, squeal over my cute, genius boyfriend, or make them think I'm a psycho, both of which are very amusing. Let's just say that people like me tend to light people like my neighbors on fire.
Anyway, last night at about 2 am they started squealing and carrying-on as they often do. I was actually trying to SLEEP (at 2 am??? NO!) and was getting increasingly pissed off at whatever they were squealing about, until I heard the word "rat" and launched into genuine, full-blown panic. I jumped up, threw on some pajamas, and then walked casually to my friend's room. It turns out that PK had somehow managed to get into the squeakyfreaks' room via the heating system. My friend and I were both worried, because the squeakyfreaks were squealing and carrying on, and some guys who were in their room were talking about killing it. Luckily, PK was so terrified by all the SQUEALING that she crawled back into my friend's room and we were able to catch her and stick her back in the cage.
This morning everything seems to be all right--they set a trap in the squeakyfreaks' room, so we have to make damn sure that PK never goes into the heater again, but that's really about it. The funniest thing, though, is hearing them whine about how huge the rat was. "That was the hugest rat I have ever seen! I'm not even exaggerating!" Yes, that is probably because it is the ONLY rat you have ever seen, you spolied yuppie! One of them claimed it was the size of a "guinea pig," and yes, that is a direct quote. I'm probably going to have a lot of fun mocking them for this. My only concern is if they get bright enough to question how a rat got onto the SECOND FLOOR in the first place.
That's all for now.

~Miss Lemon~
"MAX: Shall we beat the living crap out of them, Sam?
SAM: Can't think of a reason not to."
Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Yeah, I know.
I know I haven't updated in awhile...there hasn't been awhile to update in. Still isn't. I should be working on my paper, but I wanted to come out and upload a poem to another blog, and now I think I'm going to sleep...It's not normal for me to be this tired...I wonder what's wrong with me :D
I'm probably just burnt out...it is the end of the year. I have a lot of work to do...not even catch up work, just normal homework!...Well, ok, the watercolor stuff is catch-up, most of it. I'm doing ok. Just tired...ready for summer...Oh, *SO* ready for summer...

~Miss Lemon~
*Ready for summer*
Monday, May 27, 2002

More tests!

Which Road Waffles character am I?

...are you really that surprised???
~Miss Lemon
Sunday, May 19, 2002

And now I'd like to read you all a poem I just wrote...
...for my creative writing class.

(Ok...it still wasn't working, (still my fault) but blogger's a bitch so you can't edit thingies properly, or I would have FIXED the first one instead of wasting time and space with subsequent posts, but here you have said poem yet AGAIN, so there, and if it doesn't work this time I'm going to start kicking things):


Plug me in, get connected,
here we go: connect selected.
My brain dissected--
neurons, flashing around,
hit the ground.
I'm wired, I'm you
I'm me, I'm whoever the hell
I want to be, baby
hypertext, what's next?
We are networked, connect connect,
Click click click
it's information.
Pure elation.
Electric Generation,
an abstract nation connected by
phone lines, radiowaves
PCs and PDAs.
Have a blast,
have a ball,
information protocol
Get plugged in and have it all!
Connect and then
we're in your head
in black and red, telling you
just what they said:
Technology loves you,
but God
is dead.


~Miss Lemon
Yes, I'm still working on the title.
Saturday, May 18, 2002

And now I'd like to read you all a poem I just wrote...
...for my creative writing class.

(didn't work the first time I posted it, because I was being silly, so here it is again):

And now I'd like to read you all a poem I just wrote...
...for my creative writing class.

"This place reeks of adventure and excitement, Sam!"
(Fun with Sam & Max quotes!)

SAM: It wouldn't be sporting to just run over them...
would it?
MAX: Yes... yes, it would!

MAX: Shall we beat the living crap out of them, Sam?
SAM: Can't think of a reason not to.

"Kids, try imagining how far the universe extends! Keep thinking about it until you go insane."

SAM: That was a great trip, Max. But I can't help but feel we've perverted history somehow.
MAX: Who cares?

aaaand that's all for now.

~Miss Lemon


Isn't it great how boyfriends can make shitty days better?
My day just got WORSE after I posted last...don't really want to go into detail now, but it sucked. Anyway, I got online and got cheered up by the CUTEST BOY IN THE WORLD!!! ok. Time to go. Suffice to say, I am now much happier.

~Miss Lemon
Thursday, May 16, 2002


Spent the whole day today trying to avoid lighting other people on fire. It was very tempting, especially considering the racket made by the preppies next door and their GOD DAMN STUPID MUSIC. Plus they like to run through the halls giggling and squealing, which is very grating.
*Must not light stupid neighbors on fire*
*Must not light stupid neighbors on fire*


In other news...um...stuff. Time to pay attention in class now.

~Miss Lemon
*Must not light stupid neighbors on fire*

What a shitty, shitty day.
Yes, I'll probably rant more later. I don't feel like it right now.

~Miss Lemon

(Yes, I keep messing up the posts. Let's try this again, shall we?)

Here you can find some ultra-groovy technology. It's pretty. I want it. Things like this make me imagine what technology will be like a few years from now, and I can see some very cool stuff coming. Technology is already groovy, and it's getting groovier all the time. Now if only I could afford some of this stuff...I want gadgets, damnit.

Also, you can click here to see the monkey being incompetent again.

~Miss Lemon
Damn monkeys.

Here you can find some ultra-groovy technology. It's pretty. I want it. Things like this make me imagine what technology will be like a few years from now, and I can see some very cool stuff coming. Technology is already groovy, and it's getting groovier all the time. Now if only I could afford some of this stuff...I want gadgets, damnit.

Also, you can click here to see Lemon Kitty at 11:02:19 AM

Heading thingies are back!
(Because they're pretty.)

On a completely unrelated note, I hate my computer.
Hate it, hate it, hate it.
It's a piece of junk. It's a few years old, which I was ok with. No, it couldn't really run that many games any more, but it still worked for photoshop and web stuff and word processing, and I was (mostly) ok with that. Sure I WANTED to play games, but I could survive by leeching off my friend Nathan who had all the games you'd ever need, and a LAN, so you could play with other people, which made it better anyway.
But then it got sick.
At first it wasn't too bad, it would just crash and stuff. Then it decided it didn't like starting up, so you would turn it on/off for like twenty minutes until it got the hint, all the while getting weird messages like "!Esmysic!" and watching it freeze in random places and seeing the windows start up screen turn interesting colors. But eventually it would start, and once it was going it was pretty stable. It was a pain in the ass, but it was tolerable. NOW, however, it refuses to work at ALL, and i realize that I must finally admit it: my computer is dead. Rest in peace, Quina Quen*. Wait, no, you were a piece of junk. Rest in hell and ETERNAL TURMOIL AND PAIN FOREVER AND EVER! MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!
*ahem.* Sorry, got carried away there.
Anyway, the time has come to find a successor. The time has come to find a BETTER COMPUTER!!! *ominous music*
Yeah, ok, it's not that dramatic.
Anyway, the problem is that I don't know where to start, and I need it soon. I can't live without my computer. It hurts. It causes me pain. Yes, I know I'm a geek, shut up. Anyway, this is where having a geeky boyfriend pays off, right? ^_^ So Chris is helping me find something decent online, which is kind of tricky, because I don't know how much my parents will chip in yet.

enough for now...

~Miss Lemon
*Quina Quen was named after yes, the character from FFIX because I HATED Quina Quen, and I knew my computer was a piece of shit.
Wednesday, May 15, 2002


Well, I DO!

~Miss Lemon
Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Ok...work, you damn Blog!

This is mine:


Isn't he CUTE???

~Miss Lemon

This is mine:

Uh-oh, she found another quiz:

~Miss Lemon
I like things that move quickly!


Sony announced that they are cutting Playstation prices which is fine by me!

I missed class this morning, but I don't really care...I know that's not good, because I've been slacking off lately and I have a bunch of things I need to catch up on, but I just don't feel motivated. I miss Boise. Part of me just wants to go home. I miss my family a lot, and I don't really seem to be accomplishing a lot here, other than slacking off and then feeling horrible about myself because I'm behind in classes. It's very frustrating. I'm even having trouble in my writing class, and I'm good at writing. I just feel like I'm stuck in a rut lately...nothing I do seems to turn out right except computer-related stuff (I must admit, I've been pretty happy with my last few design things). If I was in a web design class this would matter. As it is, I'm just playing with html for my benefit, and it's kind of pointless. Calming maybe, definitely relaxing, but still kind of pointless. And of course I do html stuff when I should be working on homework and things like that... ^_^;;

Still, nothing I write lately seems to be any good...none of the poetry, at least. I have a spiffy new comic I'm working on, and the novel's doing ok I guess. Of course, if my damned computer actually worked, I'd be getting a lot more done on it.

~Miss Lemon
Gone for now

Well, I was bored, so here you go!
It's a brand new layout!
Anyway, I had a peachy weekend...Chris came to visit and we ran around and drew with chalk and all kinds of wonderful stuff.

I'll post more later...too lazy right now

~Miss Lemon
Monday, May 13, 2002

What FFVII character are you?? Find out here!!! by !!

Well...he IS cute.

~Miss Lemon
Wednesday, May 08, 2002


Ok...I'm going back and editing all my posts so I can figure out how
to upload this page to my *NEW* website (currently, yes, under
construction). Supposedly you just put the Blogger tags in
where you want them, but I want to clean stuff out. From now
on I'll be posting all (or most of) the links I want to save in Lute,
which isn't much use for anything else, really.

~Miss Lemon
*Ditching class for your benefit*



Cam pops up.

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