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Thursday, March 06, 2003


Well, the mouseovers were working for like 2 seconds...then I had to go and fiddle with the html again...damn

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Well, the site layout's still on the fritz...I can't make the mouseovers work properly. Hopefully I'll have that fixed soon...then I'll be able to actually get to work on the other pages ^_^;;
Also: Chris gave me his webcam! So now I get to have that instead of taking pictures and posting them like a pretend webcam. W00t! Granted, the camera was probably better quality. Meh.
Roman and Jessica came over last night, and Jess wouldn't quit poking Roman. He got very VERY annoyed...I don't think I've ever seen him that angry...normally he's...well, not laid-back, because he's ROMAN, and he's always jumpy (which is probably what makes him fun to poke: he jumps) but he doesn't usually get annoyed like that. He puts up with me poking him because I back off when he starts to get annoyed but Jessica just didn't quit. I don't like to see friends fighting, it makes me very uncomfortable. I guess that's true for everyone though--no one likes friends to fight. Anyway, it sucks because now Roman probably won't come to Jessica's birthday party with us, and I'm not going to know anyone. Plus, it's fun to go do stuff with Roman--he's a nice guy. He is very high-strung though. He needs to relax a little bit. And he's a cutie, which is probably another reason Jessica likes to poke him ^_^ (yes, me too ^^;; gonna make Chris jealous)
Ah well, at least the party will have drinks. WOO! Drinks!
Hopefully not just beer though...icky!

~Miss Lemon~
*Please have margaritas, please have margaritas, please have margaritas...*



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