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Today was a niiiiiiice day. It was gorgeous out, and I got to escape our ant-infested kitchen for awhile. Also, the math test I scheduled got mixed up, so I rescheduled it for Monday. No math test! YAY! On the way home from LBCC, the sun was out, there were flowers and birds everywhere, and I kept seeing all these cool trees, and even a couple of yards with these awesome mushrooms in them. I got home and just sat outside drawing for about an hour until it started to cool down...it was glorious. I love Corvallis. I really, really do, especially in the spring. Summer may be warmer, but spring is still my favorite time of year--all the trees are blooming!

It was EXTRA nice to get out in the sunshine after I found this last night, which awed me once again at the level of stupidity some people can achieve. As you can see from the link, D&D is obviously only for sinners and witches! Oh no! Throw out your dice and burn your DM at the stake!
After reading that I was so upset that Chris & Roman suggested we play Unreal with the Priest skin Chris made. That made me feel better. There's nothing like getting a head shot on a priest to make you feel better about certain stupid, stupid christians.

For those of you who don't actually know me and may be reading this, I am not a closed-minded person. I am not a violent person. I do not hate Christians. I hate closed-minded Christians who believe that "the bible is right because God wrote it, and God exists because he wrote the bible." Come on, people. Be logical! And don't try to convert me, either. The only REAL way ANYONE should be drawn to ANY religion is through personal experience. If someone experiences a great sprirtual revalation that leads them to the Christian church, then so be it. I won't argue with them. But that doesn't make MY experience of God any less valid. Yes, I believe in God. But the way I percieve God is probably different than the way you do. That's just how people are. Don't try to change me because I don't conform EXACTLY to the way you think God "should" be. And leave the athiests and agnostics alone! You're not going to persuade them by sheer force, that's only going to make them fight Christianity more. My boyfriend doesn't believe in God, but I still love him. If he's supposed to believe in God, he will. If he's not, then he won't.

I could go on (and on!) but this rant is already long enough, and I doubt anyone cares enough to read it. If you really want, you can send me hate mail.

~Miss Lemon~
Or if you agree with me, that's good, too.

Friday, March 14, 2003

One more time:

I'm stupid!

~Miss Lemon~
Thought I'd remind you all again.

Thursday, March 13, 2003


Our kitchen is infested with ants! LOTS OF ANTS!!!! THEY WILL TASTE MY RIGHTEOUS SMITING!

(It tastes like ketchup.)

Checked out a Pern audiobook at the library..."The Renegades of Pern." So far it's pretty good. I'll have to read this series now...I avoided it because I read some other book by Anne McCaffrey awhile back and despised it, but now that I think about it, I think that particular book was intended for a younger audience. Anyway, they keep drinking this stuff called "Klah" and it sounded good, so Chris (who has a LOT of Pern books) grabbed his "Dragonlover's Guide to Pern" which apparently has a recipe. So i'm sitting here drinking klah. w00t! It's not bad, except we didn't have some of the ingredients, so I messed with the recipe, but it's basically hot chocolate with some coffee, cinnamon and nutmeg (mine's more coffee than hot chocolate, of course).

More things to add in the ongoing I Am Stupid!!! list:

The other night Roman was supposed to drop by and play Unreal, so OF COURSE Chris and I have to start *ahem*"getting friendly" before he comes over.

Me: Was that a knock?
Chris: I didn't hear anything...

I then got up to turn the light off, peeked out the window, and saw Roman walking away. By the time either of us were in any condition to go after him, he was gone...
We spent the rest of the evening trying to get ahold of him, but to no avail....poor Roman! I hope we didn't scare him off. I feel like an ass. Stupid liking boys. STUUUUPIIIID!!!

Also: I need to get out more. This stupid boy shit always happens when I don't get out enough.

~Miss Lemon~

I am stupid

Yes, yes I just am.

Got filthy drunk on Saturday and made a COMPLETE AND TOTAL ass of myself. As usual.

What happened was we went over to Jessica's because it was her birthday (we brought her a cute little stuffed puppy, which she liked muchly). Then we hung around and watched a movie, and later went down to the OSU store to get things to chase our drinks (which ended up being mostly vodka and jagermeister[spelling?] for me). We then had drinks (and a kickass time while I was there...all the trouble happened later, after we left.) Anyway, we watched some SNL and Jessica, Nancy and I made all the boys close their eyes while we flashed each other (don't really remember WHY). I remember several times I told Chris I'd quit drinking, and then I kept drinking anyway, because I'm a bitch. (This did lead to an amusing quote: Chris: "Katie, I think it's time you admit you have a drinking problem." Katie (drunk): "...Nooooooooooo!"). I don't really think I have a drinking problem...I drink VERY rarely, but I do have trouble STOPPING drinking once I've started. Need to work on that, I know.

Later, we (me, Chris, and Roman) left Jessica's, the boys (who had not had anything to drink) practically carrying me. I don't remember when (or why) I started crying...now that I think about it, I think I remember getting kind of emotional at Jessica's or something. All I really remember from the walk home was crying a lot...we stopped and sat down on a bench, which I punched before being restrained by the boys--my damned knuckles STILL hurt from punching things after we got home, too. (Not people, things. I would never hurt anyone but me.) We finally made it home, and I went to the bathroom. Chris took this opportunity to hide all the sharp things in the house, which was a Good Thing, as later I went looking for sharp things. While I was in the bathroom, however, I took it into my head to light a candle and hold my hand over it, until Chris made me unlock the door. This part gets kind of blurry...mostly I remember crying a lot and saying I was unhappy and missed Boise, pestering Roman as to why he didn't have a girlfriend since he was such a cutie (yes, with my boyfriend right there), and just generally being stupid and depressed and STUPID. Then I threw up and made the boys tell me jokes until I calmed down and passed out on the floor.

The next day (Sunday) I was ill. I was SO. FUCKING. ILL. I couldn't keep any food (or liquid) down all day, and I was exhausted and surly. Roman came by in the evening just as I was able to eat again, and we all had lemon chicken and some mashed potatoes. My throat hurt from throwing up so much, but it was good to be able to eat again. We played Heroes until I decided I was too tired, and then we watched a Star Trek movie.

Today my body feels better, but I'm so very, VERY pissed off at myself for making such a complete and TOTAL ass of myself. ARGH. I don't know why Chris puts up with me...I pull such stupid shit, and now it feels like everyone's going to know I'm a psycho...I know that's not true. Neither Roman nor Chris will say anything because they're both nicer to me than I deserve, but....it still feels like everyone knows. And I never wanted Roman to know I'm a psycho...now I feel bad. And stupid. Really, really damn stupid.

Chris is still keeping all the sharp things locked up until I'm a little happier...probably a good idea, since I don't really want to Be Good right now...and until I quit being mad at myself (and quit being STUPID!) then it's probably for the best. I just feel like such a burden...I hate it when Chris is forced to watch out for me like this. Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to Boise just so he wouldn't have to put up with all the shit I dump on him. I'm such a fucking bitch.

~Miss Lemon~

Monday, March 10, 2003



Eating: Rice
Reading: "Neuromancer" by William Gibson
Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay
Playing: Neverwinter Nights

craving: Coconut Pocky & Caramel cappuchino

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