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I thought I was going to end up as Marla, but no way! YAAAAAAAY! TYLER ROCKS!

I am Tyler Durden from Fight Club.
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~Miss Lemon~
Explosives! ^_^

Friday, March 21, 2003


Thought I should mention that I should have the archives working soon (Blogger's archive system can be kind of screwy). When I get them up you should be able to read old posts. Old, boring posts.

~Miss Lemon~
Once again, I'm sure you all care very, very much.


Have to pack today for Boise. We're leaving for Portland tomorrow, so we can visit Powell's and the zoo before I have to go to the airport. YAAAY! ZOO! I love zoos! They make me a little sad, but I still like them. What else? For those of you who don't know, the poems site isn't up yet, so you'll get an error if you try to click on either one of the roses...I mention it because my groovy Aunt Rhonda visited and made sure the page didn't look too shitty on a Mac. Thanks, Granny Artemis!

Other news: I think it's safe to say I will soon be returning to pink hair-edness. Blonde just annoys me. Chris likes it though. maybe he'll convince me otherwise. Or not. He just said "Overall, I think I like the pink better." The only reason I left it blonde for today was so I could wear this awesome red dress I have...red and pink don't go so well, but red and blonde are ok. I'm sure you all care very, very much.

I'm reading Pern books now, even though we have about fifty thousand library books checked out and I should probably read them first. But Chris stole Cryptonomicon so he could read it again. It's ok. I think I'll like it once I get into it, but I'm not into it yet.

The comic is progressing nicely, ( I have a lot of the plot figured out and written already, just need to draw it, which is the tricky part). Basically it's about a girl named Lemon who is very loosely based on me (except she's much, much cooler and gets to blow things up more), and Cthulu, Elder God of Lovecraft fame. Fun. And bunnies. Don't forget the bunnies.

It will be awhile before any of it is up, however, because of my way of drawing comics. It goes something like this:

Step 1: Draw a panel.
Step 2: Erase and re-draw random bits in said panel (hands, feet, someone's face, etc.).
Step 3: Complain loudly that I can't draw.
Step 4: Try to fix everything I screwed up in the panel when I re-drew it.
Step 5: Complain to Chris that I can't draw, that I'm a horrible artist and will never amount to anything.
Step 6: Completely start over on a new piece of paper.
Step 7: Mess it up horribly.
Step 8: Seethe.
Step 9: Start over again.
Step 10: Finally get something I like.
Step 11: Repeat.

Keep in mind that this still doesn't take into account the scanning and photoshop editing, although both of those are relatively easier than drawing the pictures to my satisfaction in the first place. I am very picky when it comes to something I want to create and show to others. The story is very good so far though ^_^

I've had two Saturday Night Live dreams recently. Not sure why. The first one was a SNL episode where they had a skit making fun of boy bands by impersonating all these old actors who started one. The weird part came when they had someone impersonating Oprah, who started yelling "Unity tuna! Unity tuna!"
The second dream was that this girl I knew from grade school (who I'd completely forgotten, but now remember perfectly) was hosting SNL. Not as weird as the first one, but hey, unity tuna's not for everyone, I guess.

~Miss Lemon~
"Unity Tuna!"


Blogger's working again!

Yarg. I've been reading the news, which I probably shouldn't because it's just depressing me. I hate war. Really hate war. I don't really subscribe to any religion, but I agree with the Dalai Lama when he talks about interconnectednes. Hate breeds hate, war leads to war. I wish people could see that. Maybe Saddam is a jackass. Maybe this war is "necessary" to stop him from becoming another Hitler. The thing about wars is that you rarely get all the facts until years later. Who knows what's really going on behind the scenes of all this? I don't like any of it. I also still think our president is a monkey. War may be good for the economy, but that still doesn't give him any right to sit there grinning.

~Miss Lemon~
One more time!
I hate America
Wanna move to Canada
La La La.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Well Blogger's busted...probably something I did, but hopefully it'll work soon...

~Miss Lemon~
Why am I posting an update? It's not posting things anyway....

Quiz time...

You're the psychotic grin,and no one can quite tell
if you're insane or just really hyper.You scare
people,and i mean scare them a lot.Kati'd be
friends with you though.You two could have
sleepovers together and make pasta at 4 am.

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Sorrowdweller. You are not overcome by anger nor
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world and while you do not see the beauty of
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darkness. Live and let live just because.

How Emotional Are You?
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~Miss Lemon~
Maybe I AM a psycho :D

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Just thought I'd remind you all

Just thought I'd remind you all of THIS.

~Miss Lemon~
I hate America
Wanna move to Canada
La La La.


Yes, I'm a slacker. It's official. Stupid registering for classes. Stupid classes, being all filled up. Argh.

~Miss Lemon~
"Sorry Mom, I couldn't register because I'm a lazy slack-bitch."
Yeah. REALLY looking forward to that conversation.



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