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Saturday, May 03, 2003


Catching up on friends' blogs today (two, specifically) and found myself a bit bemused/confused/frustrated. Keep in mind that I am not a confrontational person.

First of all, I have just made up a word which I think ought to be added to the English language:
bubblified. n.
1. Someone who stays within their own sphere of reference (their own world, circle of friends, etc.) and makes no effort to broaden their horizons or change that sphere of reference. Ex. "High-school students can be so bubblified."
This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it's very difficult for me to meet someone who seems completely apathetic and bored by everything in the world around them. I have an innate curiosity about some things...games, anime, literature, poetry, philosophy...some people are interested in cars. I'm not, but if I'm on the bus and some guy starts talking to me about cars, and I can see that it really interests him, I'll listen. That's how I am. I like it when people get enthusiastic about something they really care about...even religious people, because I know it will at least lead to an interesting discussion or debate. But to find someone who seems to be interested in nothing larger than themselves and their "bubble" or the people/things that immediately surround them...even if I think they're a very nice person, (not to mention cute) can be very frustrating for me.

As for the second blog:
"I seem to have annoyed a girl yesterday/ this morning by refusing a car ride of four blocks. I should have been nicer, but it was only four blocks!"
Silly boy! I wasn't annoyed, I was more hurt...argh. Can't you figure out what it means when a girl tries to be nice to you, or pokes you all the time? Or insists on playing Unreal, or doing something (anything) all the time so she doesn't say something dumb???

It's such a nice day out that I really, really really wished I hadn't flipped out so much on Sunday. I hate long sleeves. I want to play in the sunshine, damnit!
I know, I shouldn't be whining, it's my own damn fault. I'm so stupid sometimes... *winces* like last night. Argh. Okay, let's not think about that right now.

*bangs head against nearest wall*

Friday, May 02, 2003

So what's up with that comic thing?

Today was cool...went to color class, then decided to stay and watch this art movie for extra credit...Yay, extra credit!
Anyway, that gave me about half an hour to kill, so I stopped by and chatted with Natalie Daley, my "Graphic Arts for Writers" teacher. She is SOOOOO cool! She still remnds me of Susan, my ninth grade teacher, but not as scary. Very intelligent, very cool. Maybe her reminding me of Susan explains why I want to impress her so much... maybe I want to make up for never feeling like I was living up to what Susan expected of me...or maybe I should just quit trying to analyze myself.
It's weird though...why do I feel like I have to impress some people, and not others? Oh well.
I've been thinking about the comic I want to do...the one with Cthulu. I think I have a lot of the main story sketched out, which is cool...the plot has a few holes though, which I'm working on and will probably enlist Chris's help to fix. Looking good though. I get to address all kinds of fun stuff, and I'm even incorporating some stuff from Lain and such (Of course! How could I not?). Stay tuned, folks!

Yeah, right. Like I'd actually be productive. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA!

Thursday, May 01, 2003

New Hair Color!

My hair's reddish-brown now!
I miss being pink....but this isn't too bad. I just feel so....normal. It's weird. Gaaah.
Argh! Stupid template, being stupid!


Wednesday, April 30, 2003


What's your sexual appeal?
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So very broke...

Well, I'm paying rent this month, which leaves me with about $100.00 in checking and $100.00 in savings...That really, really sucks. I still need to buy a math book (which I'm expecting to be a LOT), in order to get a job I need to get some hair dye, I owe Chris some money (which he says I don't have to pay back, but I feel like I should), and...well, I'm just friggin' POOR. So I'm probably going to get hair dye today, and start applying places. Damn...I'm going to miss the pink though. Oh, and Roman: Turning down a girl trying to be nice and give you a ride? What's wrong with you?? :P

I know, I know...all I do is whine. :P


Well, the picture on the webcam was actually taken a few days ago, but I thought it was cool, so I put it up. We were letting Balthamos run around in the yard, and this bird lands right by him and starts checking him out, like "What's this little creature?" It was pretty cool, and we were lucky we'd just gotten the camera out, because the bird didn't stay long. Chris and I have been listening to a book on tape that we got from the library ("Contact" by Carl Sagan), and it's pretty good. It's the perfect thing for doing color homework, because painting for that class can get somewhat monotonous.
I'm feeling a LOT better than I was yesterday...I think the sunshine is helping cheer me up, so that's good, but it also just helps when I just get shit like that out of my system. I don't know. Chris was pretty upset yesterday (completely my fault, though I'm not going to go into details). Anyone who really knows me knows that I'm a fairly screwed up individual sometimes, and also knows that I don't like to talk about it too much. Anyway, things are better today, so that's good.
I have a quiz in fiction today, which is ok, but I'm behind in the reading, so I'm going to go outside and read in the sunshine, and let Balthamos run around some more.

Yay! Sun!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Well, just so you know, the rat now has a name...it's Balthamos, from The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman. Thought you'd like to know. We're calling him Bal for short, and he's still a total sweetie.

Homework now...

Monday, April 28, 2003


Actually, let's delete that last post. I have enough problems already without adding to things by having people read that.
I'm tired. I couldn't sleep, for various reasons, and ended up getting a whole 3 hours. Then I got up and wrote this huge long rant, which I just deleted. Hooray for being unproductive. I'm going to make some coffee now.

Stupid, stupid girl. Why did you ever think to post that?

Impulsive decisions!

Well, we have a new baby! It's a sweet little boy rat who we have yet to find a name for. Current possibilities include:

Eiri (from Serial Experiments: Lain)
Balthamos (from The Amber Spyglass)
Saint Lucius (just sounds cool)
Lazarus (see above)
The Archangel Gabriel, Seraphim of the first order, guardian of the light of the Lord and bringer of His wrath upon the sinful. (because it's long and cool and SMITEFUL)

...aaaaand that's all for right now. If you guys can think of any, stick them on the tagboard, ok? The only bad thing is...well first of all, he's a boy rat, and this is the first boy rat I've had, so the huge, dangling testicles are kind of unnerving. The thing I'm really worried about though is that he's really really mellow. Maybe he's just a little slow in the head, or maybe we're too used to the gerbil's psychotic jumpy movements, but we're worried he might be sick. He's eating ok, he just seems really sluggish...the petco people said it might be a little bit of shock (he was returned by someone else the day before we got him, so they might have tried to use him as a feeder rat or something), so we're going to give him a few days to adjust...He's such a sweetie, I really don't want him to die...
Anyway, that's about it...Chris is leaving for Eugene tonight, so I have to be all alone :( but it's ok, because I have homework (ACK! HOMEWORK!) and pets. Warm, fuzzy, snuggley wonderful sweet pets.

Yeah, I know, I'm insane.

Sunday, April 27, 2003



Eating: Rice
Reading: "Neuromancer" by William Gibson
Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay
Playing: Neverwinter Nights

craving: Coconut Pocky & Caramel cappuchino

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