Fun day!

Wow...I've been so social lately I don't even know what to do with myself. Not to mention the fact that "DaVinci Days" (Corvallis's...um...crazy art thing? It's fun. Seems to be just a big community shindig. Good times!) is right in our backyard. Sooo...people! All over!
I'd like to mention also, that I'm feeling very, very flaky tonight, so this post will probably jump all over the place.
Umm...anyway, right now, "William," Chris, Andrea and I are watching Celebrity Jeopardy. Hooray!

Yes...no more flakiness for now. I'll just make more of an idiot of myself -_-;;

Hee hee hee! Sean Connery! Hee hee hee!
Saturday, July 19, 2003

Meet Oliver.

Sleep now.
Friday, July 18, 2003

Thought this quiz was damn good.

Threat rating: extremely low. You may think you can
subvert the government, but if you should try
you will be smited mightily because God likes
us best.

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Not actually an athiest.
(Chris says: "You are as far as Republicans are concerned." Yeah, true.)
Thursday, July 17, 2003

MUAHAHAHA!!! ph34r!

You are Junpei.
Which MegaTokyo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Junpei's so cute!
I definitely don't worship Largo though.

WEIRD evening. Not really in that anything unusual happened, just that we tried a lot of weird things.
Let's see...at Aomatsu we got Salmon roll (nothing special, but cheap), the Vegas roll (possibly the BEST SUSHI EVER! So good!), and I, being me weird experimental self, decided to try "Uzura" which was listed under the nigiri sushi. Now, has anyone tried the "tamago"? It's basically egg, cooked in a rectangle set on top of some rice and held there with a little bit of nori. Well, "Uzura" is quail egg (it was $1.50, so I figured it'd be a nice cheap little filler), and I figured it would be something like that...quail egg, cooked and stuck on some rice. Oh no. OH no. Far too simple!

What we got was two little raw quail eggs with the tops busted off, with the egg stuck in some wasabi so it wouldn't fall off the tray.
I looked at Chris.
Chris looked at me.

Long story short, we both tried it (after much hesitation on my part, but fearless daring on Chris's part). It was...odd. I swallowed it quickly, so I couldn't really guage the flavor, but Chris said it wasn't so good. I asked him if it was as bad as tequila though, and he said no. The thing that was weird is the texture, kind of slimy, and the yolk's just a big lump. Odd. Like I said, I swallowed it fast so I wouldn't have to taste it.

Anyway, then we walked home, past the park (where the band was playing, and there were a lot of families and impressionable young children). Needless to say, goth-ed out as I was, I got some stares and dirty looks. Foolish mortals.

Anyway, we got home and decided to have some desert, namely, ice cream. Then we remembered a jell-o recipe (similar to this one ) I'd torn out of a magazine, and decided to make that. Basically it's a jell-o milkshake. you put jell-o, some ice cream, and a lot of milk and shake it up. We had lemon jell-o, which sounded good.

So we make this milkshake, and it's...well, it's ok. But then I go "We could put tequila in it" (Genius). It kind of tastes like eggnog. It's CERTAINLY not as nasty-ass as tequila usually is, and therefore an improvement.

Sooooo...all in all, a very experiment-filled evening.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Hooray! Aomatsu!

Chris is so nice!

No, will not be wearing kitty ears out...I'm not quite that brave.
Will, however, be wearing badass shiny pants.

Wow...lots of posts to reply to o_O

FizzyLatte: YES! You should bring some girly movies and we'll kick the boys over to "William's". Bring nail polish, too. Gotta have nail polish. We'll watch movies and get all nice and then go for teriyaki or something.

Teith: Yeah, the archives suck. It'd be nice to fix them.

Nayno: Why would I shoot you? Silly thing. ^_^

Stufey: Yeah, I'm sorry girl's night wasn't like that...just feeling like my usual tomboy self that night, I guess...well, and goth. It was still a good evening though, right? Just let me know when it's a pajama party next time, and I'll come more appropriately dressed ^_^

Surreal: Yeah, Xenocide's ok...Ender's Game was still the best book though. Also, I have this crazy thing with Orson Scott Card now...ever since I found out he was Mormon I start to see it in all of his writing (not Ender's Game...maybe one of the reasons I think it's the best). If you've ever read the Homecoming series, you can kind of see it in there...and...and oh god, whatever you do, don't read Folk of the Fringe. I only made it through the first story, which was basically: "It's post apocalyptic earth, and the only good, god-fearing people left are the mormons, damnit. Everyone else is selfish and corrupt." Soooo...yeah. Everyone knows how much I love organized religion >_<

Anyway, last night was meant to be "Katie is a GIRL!" night, but I ended up getting all cranky at Chris, which was unfair of me. I was being a whiney attention whore, and he was doing his own thing, and I shouldn't have been so sensitive. Anyway, I think it's all worked out now.

That's all for now

My hair's black! o_O

Currently feeling very uncute.

Part of this, I know, is due to the fact that I constantly hang out with boys, and am generally accepted as "one of the guys." This isn't a bad thing...this is how it's always been for me, even in Boise. It's just that some days (while I know they know I'm a girl) I get tired of being treated that way, and have to get all feminine on their asses.

Therefore, I'm declaring tonight to be "Katie Is A GIRL!" night. I'm going to dye my hair, because I'm starting to hate it again (another one of the cycles I go through...right after I dye my hair I love it, but as time goes by and the color fades, I start to despise it and feel horrible and ugly), paint my nails, pretty myself up...all that good stuff. Then we're going to play Unreal in all its happy goodness, and maybe I'll finish off the tequila.

Hair is going to be DARK! And spikey! And cute! I'll post pictures!
Hmm...think hair may need a trim, actually. It's getting a bit less pixie-ish and a bit more mullet-ish.
Ewwww. Mullet. EEEWWWW!!!
Monday, July 14, 2003

Hmm...perhaps the last post was a bit of an overreaction.
Though I still want to kick one person, everyone else is off the hook.

Anyway....bored. Lots of quizzes.

You would taste like a Lemon!

What do you taste like?
brought to you by Quizilla

Holy shit. I can't believe I got that. o_O Go me!

Punk Rock
PUNK ROCK : Like a revived species of nearly extinct salamander, Punk Rock Asian Girls are a rare type, but slowly climbing up to existence again. Your passions are mainly music and anime and you've probably dyed your hair some odd color of the rainbrow. And if you haven't, you probably will. You often feel like you are misunderstood, but don't worry. Just think about thongs. Very funny.

What Asian Girl Are You?

Hooray! Asian girls are pretty!


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yeah, ok, I can see that.

It's occuring to me that I'm getting better and better at acting sane around people.
Sunday, July 13, 2003






Eating: Chocolate!
Reading: "Smoke and Mirrors" (again) by Neil Gaiman
Listening to: Celebrity Jeopardy music
Playing: Heretic II
Current Arch-nemesis: People at DaVinci days who glare at me when I'm goth-ed up. You don't even know me!

craving: Pancakes & Cappuchino


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