Just thought I'd mention that there have been TONS of cute girls out lately. Maybe it's just all the students returning, but there was this really cute girl at Amadan, and on campus it seems like there are cute girls all over. Rowr. Cute boys, too.
(Just looking, seriously.)

I love you, Baron von Metatron!
(Don't worry, I promise not to run off with anyone, boy OR girl).
Tuesday, September 30, 2003

First day...

The first day of class always makes me feel shy and inadequate. I'm always afraid there will be something I don't know that everyone else will know, and it doesn't help that many of the graphic art students seem to know each other already, and are chatting away amiably while I'm barely able to manage a shy smile. I feel nervous and very, very shy, so I'm just going to wrap myself up in my Dune novel.


Ahhh, introversion. (Is that a word?)

My social skills aren't exactly helped by the fact that I woke up at 6 am, either.
Monday, September 29, 2003


So very tired. Will post more later, just wanted to say that the made-up word (ok, phrase, I guess) of the day is: Troplong Mondot.

Troplong. Mondot.



Troplong Mondot.

Also, note the post from "Sir Edward Flank" at the bottom.
Saturday, September 27, 2003

Stupid, STUPID Monkeys!!!!

Who the FUCK would spend $120,000 ON A SHOWER???

I hate rich people. MORONS!!! Seriously, I'm really pissed off. And then there's this, which is basically some rich guy's idea of camping. Yeah, right. You want camping, you get a tent for $4 at a garage sale, duct tape the visible holes, get some crappy sleeping bags and maybe a pack of hot dogs and a lighter to start a campfire, and you go sleep on the ground and get poked by sticks and bitten by bugs and hike until your feet are blistered. That's camping. It's supposed to be like that!

I mean, I can just picture these people standing around, sipping their champagne and eating their roasted quetzals and talking about the $120,000 they just spent on a shower, and about how they're going to go "rough it" in the wilderness by eating salmon pate from Safeway, and drinking only 2000 Bordeaux, which is a mere $280.69 a case (according to, and everyone else gasps and cries "Oh, however will you stand it?"

Meanwhile, I'm worrying about trivial things, like buying food and paying rent.

Hell, a case of that wine would pay my half of the rent ($150), and then some. Assholes.
Friday, September 26, 2003

Crazy people (and more crazy people)

Well, it's currently 2 AM, and I don't know if we're sleeping tonight (note to RP people: we're going to be a lot of fun if we make it to 4 PM without sleep. Hoo boy). Sooo...yes. Chris's campaign, for those of you who don't know, is same bat time, same bat channel (same bat place: at the gazebo). Don't know if it'll stay Fridays at 4 (we'll have to figure out our schedule next week), but hopefully we'll be able to arrange it so everyone can make it. Saturdays would work too, but I don't know how busy everyone is then.

Anyway, went to the Fusion Ball thing on Wednesday, which was good. It was really great to see everyone again, and the whole event was made even more amusing by some crazy Baptist guy who jumped up on a chair in the middle of the concert and started yelling about how we were all going to hell for listening to this music, yadda yadda. Then he sort of wandered off and was talking to some people, so Chris went over and started arguing with him until the cops showed up and took him away. Good times.

For those of you who haven't yet checked out Chris's site, Arcadian Galleries Ltd. please do. You should be greatly amused/bewildered. Yes, we are strange people.

Now, for your reading pleasure: a haiku (by Chris) using a former made-up word of the day. Enjoy.

Doctor says I need
an invasive procedure:

Current made-up word of the day: Potatendectomy.
Have fun kids.

Be like the squirrel.

P.S. (3:15 AM) Other made-up word of the day: Proke. (n), Coke with protein in it.
(Hey, it was kinda funny at 3 am.)


Just thought I'd mention that our house is infested with animals. Some of you already know that there's something living in our walls (it is, in fact, scrabbling around as I type this). Well, as of last night we also have raccoons around our place. Super cool! (unlike the thing in the walls)
Chris, "William" and I were talking last night, and heard something outside. Since "William's" bike was recently stolen from right outside our window, we've started taking more interest in noises outside it. Anyway, we all go out on to the stairs and look around, and there are two raccoons sitting and eating hazelnuts. They give us a mildly curious, but "you're-so-not-worth-taking-an-interest-in" glance and proceed to ignore us and eat nuts for about ten minutes (allowing us to snap some pictures). Then they wander across the street where we see another raccoon, and shine our flashlights at them for a bit longer, and then we go back inside to watch Babylon 5. Coolness.

Other news: Have recently decided that Japanese street fashion, despite the occasional silliness, is actually pretty wicked nifty (think minus the hat on that one), and not just because of all the cute asian girls, either. I got a book called "FRUiTS" at the library, which is basically filled with pictures from the popular magazine. It's pretty interesting, and while I don't always like the combinations of elements in people's outfits, I do like a lot of the elements themselves. So today I'm off to Goodwill and JoAnne's, to get fabric and clothing to play with (because designing things is fun!).

Hooray for unusual fashion!
Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Whew...well, we've been in Portland so I haven't had a chance to update. Here, therefore, is my weekend:


Chris's campaign! I had a damn good time, and I think everyone else did, too. Much insanity and mischief, which is how it should be. We have a very good group...enough insanity to make things interesting, enough people who want to follow the plot to keep things movine. Thoroughly enjoyed chilling with the boys. Also, am very, very happy with my (slightly) alcoholic were-panda chick.
The next campaign we have on a weekend should be a sleepover, but without any actual sleep. Just lots and lots of caffeine. *thumbs up*

Also: I'll drink my schnapps as slow as I damn well please! If I was actually intending to get drunk (not off that schnapps, since it's about as alcoholic as water) I would drink it much faster. Zac knows that. Screw you, Sam.


Went to Portland, did stuff. "Stuff" includes going to the Japanese Tea Gardens, watching things blow up from out hotel room window, and wandering around Fort Vancouver, also known as "the fort where nothing really happened." Also, we wrote haikus about shows we saw on public access tv, because it amused us to do so.

Now: Back from Portland, sprayed poor Balthamos (the rat) with some stuff that will hopefully kill his mites and not him (though it has so many warnings on it that it's kind of worrying us).

And that's about it, really.

How was YOUR weekend?
Sunday, September 21, 2003


"Hobophobia" is a word! Hobophobia, you guys! It's a fear of (you guessed it) "bums or beggars."

That just made my day.
Friday, September 19, 2003


Attention Andrea! Squidblog has been updated! (Your turn!)

For those of you who don't know, Squidblog is...well, it's pretty much pure, distilled insanity at this point. It's a story blog. One person starts a story and the other people take turns and add on to it in different installments. You should really read it from the beginning to get a good idea of the plot, but considering the people contributing to it, it's really not meant to be serious or follow the plot at all.
It's crazy, it's fun, it's a good way to stretch your writing muscles, it's the only place you can find an undead rodent army, a glowing blue squid private eye, bouncing walruses, Superhamster, and a lesbian gerbil/hamster pair all in one story.

If you want to read it you'll probably have to start with the archives at this point.

Yes, it's insane.

P.S. Also, randomly: I found a copy of Medea!
Fun play. Basic synopses:
Jason: You're kind of a shitty wife. I think I'll marry this other chick.
Creon: Medea, you suck and you're creepy. I don't like that you're a sorceress, either. I'm kicking you out of my country.
Medea: You assholes! Now I'm going to go crazy and kill all my children!
Thursday, September 18, 2003


Today's cam picture is unrivalled in its mischeviousness.

And yes, it was our doing. Still up, as of this posting, too! We'll see how long it stays, shall we?
Next ballerina project is already in the works, though we're still lacking some supplies, and a decent camera (Andrea: be forewarned. We're going to borrow the digital one again).

Have been enjoying making necklaces and random beady jewelry lately. It's just fun. Sadly, Northern Star doesn't have tiny alligator clips for the hair bead things I'm trying to make. Not sure where I can get some. Most perplexing.

RP tomorrow! RP tomorrow! *jumps up and down*

Made up word of the day: Walrusoscopy

As for this...

I have to agree with this guy.

How the hell did they know?
Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Air and cleaning

Well, as mentioned earlier, today is Cleaning Day! So just a couple of things before I get to it:

Roleplaying thing is Friday, 4:00 at the Gazebo in central park. There will be pizza, but if everyone could bring a few bucks, it'd help greatly. We're playing an RP Chris made, so we're going to have to build characters there, and Chris will explain the game, etc, etc.

Nayno: Want to show up a bit early to make a character then? Hey hey?

Teith: Yes, sleep is good, but when it's a choice between sleep and roleplaying...well, that's no choice at all!
Especially if I throw in a sake bottle and a couple of vanilla cigarettes.
I promise it'll be good times.

Now, off to clean.

P.S. I'd like to hear this song, just because the lyrics are so delightfully evil. Haven't been able to find it on Kazaa though. Pity.
Monday, September 15, 2003

Cocoa in one hand, beer in the other.

I'm home!

I'm....also drawing a blank for this post, so suffice to say I'm home, and yes, drinking both beer and cocoa. They're not all that pleasant a mix of flavors, but they both make you feel warm and comfy all over. Ahhh, muscle relaxant. Aaaah, chocolate.

Only current news is that I'm going to be cleaning and organizing ALL DAY tomorrow, and longer, if it requires it. I WILL start the school year with an organized house, damnit.

Also, I'm leaning towards Friday, around 4:00-ish for roleplaying. Teith: "after school... I want to sleep and such" ... Sleep? Sleep??! That's no excuse at all! Get yo' lazy ass down there, boy! Lest ye lose a free sake bottle!

Hey, for drawing a blank on that post, that was pretty long.
Sunday, September 14, 2003

Infernal delays!

Well, we're supposed to be on the road tonight, but we didn't end up getting done with everything tonight, which means we get to drive all day tomorrow. Bah. Infernal complications! (Word of the day appears to be "infernal," by the way).
Ah, well. I was looking forward to seeing my great uncle Gary, who's a physicist, a writer, and damn cool. We tried to teach him to play Magic once, but I think he got confused by it. Still, a very cool guy. House full of books, and mostly good books, at that. Have to respect that.
Anyway, I'll be home tomorrow evening, but Friday is Sell Katie's Car Day, so my mom's going to be helping me with that, and then she wants to maybe take Chris/I to the beach or the aquarium or something, since I haven't been to the one in Newport yet, and it sounds pretty badass.

Sooo...I'll probably be gone this weekend, or most of it, or my mom will be around and I'll be doing stuff with her. Next weekend, however, is wide open, so I hereby declare the 20th to be the Day Of The Roleplaying. (Gazebo, Central Park, not sure what time yet. There shalt be pizza.) Be there or be a rectangle with sides of equal length, as you Earth people say. (Baron von Metatron: You have been warned! Oh, and I invited people :D You don't mind, do you? *bats eyelashes*)

Oh, come on...half of them probably won't even turn up.

P.S. Made-up word of the day: Dentaculary
Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Moving my parents is such an ordeal...
Just want to be home in Corvallis...

(*falls over*)
Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Ok, as I mentioned in the tagboard, I'm not going to be online much AT ALL for the next four bloody days, maybe five. Moving has hit home here, and everything is...well, frankly: insane. There's still a lot left to pack, haul, and organize and all that crap. Austin and I have all our stuff ready to go, of course, but Mom and Dad have been focusing on the rest of the house, and not their stuff so much, so they still have their closets, bathroom, dressers, etc, etc, to go through. Oh, and the office isn't even 1/3 of the way done, and my Dad's side of it is possibly the messiest, most cluttered thing in the house. Basically, lots and lots to get done in four days, and I still haven't told you guys about the movers screwing up. *sigh*
The new house isn't done yet, and Dad's still scrambling to get the loft over the garage finished so he and Mom will have some place to camp out for the next month (or couple of months). Austin's staying at a friend's house (our buddy Nathan, who's away at college, but his house/family is like a second home to us), so he's using Nathan's room (moved over there tonight, in fact).
I'm just trying to be useful, and I don't think I'm doing too badly. We had a shindig today so the new owners could meet all our neighbors, and I was polite and social, and a charming little hostess-ette, even though I was dressed up goth (purposefully) to throw them all off. It was quite amusing, and I was rather proud of our neighbor Shannon, who happens to be (quite) christian, and didn't blink an eye at my appearance, but told me I looked "gorgeous" and wanted to know all about Corvallis, and what I'd been up to.
A little background on Shannon/her family: Our family and theirs moved into houses on the same block within the same week, and both families have stayed there for about 20 years (so my family moving is kind of a big deal). Anyway, she knew my mom, so naturally when she had a daughter we were best buddies because we could always brag that we'd known each other before we were born. And Jenny was totally cool. She was vegetarian since age 2, she had tons of My Little Ponies and we'd always play together, and she wanted to be a vetrinarian. We used to have a blast playing with Playmobile toys, and little plastic animals and stuff like that. Anyway, we kind of drifted apart around Junior High and didn't really see much of each other...which may have been a good thing. I remember all the crap I was going through, and at best our friendship probably would have been destroyed some kind of puberty-induced argument or something. I was a pretty pissy high schooler once I started to come into my own. Ok, and reclusive as hell. That probably wouldn't have worked either (my point: I just would have been a shitty friend then). Anyway, her mom tells me that instead of being a vet or a doctor, she's gone into ECE of all things, which is totally cool, so I told her to have Jenny e-mail me sometime. It'll be cool to hear from her again, if she does.

Heh...not sure if any of that stuff matters all that much to you guys (or makes sense, since I'm very, very tired), but it's nice to just ramble on about it. And that's what a blog's for, eh?

Sleep now...

P.S. Made-up word of the day: Squibulous. Have fun with that one. (And keep in mind: It's "SquiB," not "SquiD")

P.S.S. Non Made-up word of the day: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of long words.

(I'm not even fucking kidding)
Sunday, September 07, 2003

Made-up word of the day:

"Pufftard" (Puff-tard): No definition yet. Feel free to speculate on the tagboard. (I'm leaning toward "One who likes the powerpuff girls," but I haven't actually decided whether or not I hate them that much yet)

Thank you. *bows*
Saturday, September 06, 2003


I've been having the weirdest dreams lately.

Ok, first there was one about me fixing a hobo a sandwich, then there was another one about a hobo that I can't remember very clearly...I think I was driving him somewhere or something. Then there was one where Chris and I were somewhere, and there was this bike, but it wouldn't fit in the car, so I rode the bike home and he drove the car home (keep in mind this "home" was my Boise house). Anyway, when I got there, Chris was in our driveway working on something, and there was this little girl sitting there playing because Chris was babysitting her. *raises an eyebrow*

Anyway, last night's was ultra-weird...I was with a bunch of people somewhere, and this girl (who reminded me of Aimee, though I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure it was her), well, her brain was running out and making her go crazy or something, so I had to cut half of her head open and put in a new brain. It was really, really weird. I just took a saw and cut open half of her skull, but there wasn't any blood or anything. Then I took her brain out, put in the new one, and somehow attatched it to the inside of her head, and then stuck the chunk of her skull back on (it didn't stay very well). Anyway, she was still acting strange later (flailing around a lot and not being able to control her legs and such), because it turned out I'd forgotten to attatch her brain to her spinal cord. Oops.
Then that part of the dream sort of ended, and I was with a bunch of people in this weird haunted house which was also a school, and there were all these freaky undead teachers. They were talking to us like we were in some kind of orientation thing, so I really wasn't paying attention, I was looking around...anyway, I turned around and was somehow in the basement, and there were these weird black circles on the floor with all these weird characters and runes on them, and there was this thing that was--well, he was like a cross between Voldemort and Sauron. He was talking in this deep booming voice, but I couldn't see him, and then the circles started bubbling, and he rose out of the floor, and I was thinking how he really wasn't that scary, because he looked like Bobbin Threadbare from Loom.

I think he was upset that I wasn't impressed.

I want to play Loom now...


Thank you, media, for finally cluing in a little!

Friday, September 05, 2003

National Lobster Appreciation Day

Well, not really, I just made that up.

Got up today and cleaned over at (what I like to call) le new house. Very, very dirty. Not like that, shame on you.
Anyway, then we went to run some errands...I got a SPIFFY new messenger bag and some glasses (just as a back-up). The glasses are...odd. I haven't worn glasses in years, and I'm really really not used to them. They make the world all wiggly! And fuzzy around the edges! AAAAAAAUGH!
They're cute though.
Anyway, while we were waiting for the glasses people to put my lenses in the frames, Mom and I got lunch at Red Lobster. Very tasty lunch. The highlight, however, was the Lobsterita. THE LOBSTERITA. I'm not even fucking kidding. It's basically a margarita (but oh, so much more, as you'll soon see), so we ordered a virgin one, because it sounded good. Anyway, first of all they brought it in this HUGE martini glass. I'm serious here, it was the biggest fucking martini glass I've ever seen. Second of all, it comes with these...beads. Lobster beads. I told Mom later that they could be a lobster rosary, and she agreed, and we made up this lobster god, Lobweh (LBWH), and...yeah, we're weird. Anyway, we're both sharing this giant Lobsterita, and I'm attacking Mom's straw with mine, and I accidentally flick Lobsterita on her. So I squeak and apologize, and she takes her straw and spits Lobsterita at me! It was awesome. We're both just sitting there laughing hysterically, and people keep giving us funny looks, and I keep saying "You spit Lobsterita at me!" in mock indignation. My mom ricks!

Anyway, we left with our lobster rosary, and I drew a picture of Lobweh, and had him saying "And Lobweh spake, saying "Yea, let there be Funk," and lo, there was Funk."
Because I think Lobweh would make a good disco god, too.

Hey, Spike doesn't want to rule over disco, right? Lobweh can have it.

P.S. Wasn't actually sure who did "The hardest button to button" (which I'm not actually listening to, just have stuck in my head), so I looked them up. Anyway, looking at the lyrics to some of their other songs...well, they have some of the weirdest lyrics. This one caught my eye:

Be like the squirrel, girl
Be like the squirrel
Give it a whirl, girl
Be like the squirrel

Be like the squirrel, kids. Anyway, I have to listen to them more before I decide if I like them or not. "Hardest button to button" is still stuck in my head though, so that's gotta mean something.

Damn Straight.

Couldn't have said it better myself.
Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Well, tripod's being screwy (still), so I'm not sure this'll even post, but what the hell?

Had a nice day, largely because I've been slacking off. Went to the library, went for coffee, came home, went to the park...quite nice indeed.
Checked out a bunch of books I can read to mom on our trip back to Corvallis, and some I can read while I'm here, since the 3 books I brought with me have long since been devoured (Well, mostly. Still have a couple of Sherlock Holmes stories left, but I thought I'd save those for the car trip too, since they're short).

Got a book of Lovecraft-inspired stories, a collection of fairy tales edited by Isaac Asimov, some T.S. Eliot poems, a book by Peter S. Beagle (who wrote The Last Unicorn, possibly one of the most beautifully written fantasy stories EVER), and a book called "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot, and other observations" by Al Franken (from SNL), which is quite good, and thus far has featured:
Lots of fat jokes
A chapter about shooting old people into space!
Lots of amusing mockery of things Rush Limbaugh has said over the years
A chapter entitled "Gingrich: Sex, Giraffes, and Weightlessness"
Other amusing political stuff

Anyway, it's quite good.

Other news: Sounds like there's some drama going on back in Corvallis... I don't really know everything that's going on, but I hope everything gets straightened out... Hugs to everyone, ok? Keep your chins up and try to see each other's point of view, and everything should work out.

P.S. Baron von Metatron: I miss you! :x
Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I have had this poem stuck in my head all bloody day

Not that I really mind that much. It's one of my favorites.
Monday, September 01, 2003


Why have I been so tired lately?
I can't figure it out. Also, Tripod's being a bitch today.

Anyway, Mom & I made a scrumptious dinner, and we're waiting for everyone to get home so we can eat, and then we're going to watch Reservoir Dogs. Tomorrow I'm helping haul furniture, and then going to the library amd the Flying M (local artsy coffee shop) to have a little time to myself. Being home is nice, but I also feel very...controlled sometimes. Need some time to myself, I think.

If you haven't heard Loreena McKennit's version of The Highwayman, download it. It's one of those "oh damnit, I'm getting all weird and romantic" songs. For me, anyway, since I try to avoid mushy stuff like that.

Other news? Well, nothing really. Except my shiruken kicks ass.

Oooh, I've been packing boxes all day...exciting!



Cam pops up.

Feeling: Cranky.
Eating: Scone thing.
Reading: "God-Emperor of Dune" by Frank Herbert
Listening to: My Digital Illustration teacher (Mr. Thompson)
Playing: Nothing
Arch-nemesis: Mornings
Currently Preferring: Computers over PEOPLE.
craving: Salad & Coffee

Fight Club
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