"Man Size"

Katie's Comments:

Ok, so we (we being Chris, our friend William, and myself) went to Winco to get some sloppy joe mix...nothing particularly unusual there, nor does anything out of the ordinary occur until we get our happy little can of mix home and read the instructions...if you can't tell from the picture above (sorry about the poor quality), the can clearly and proudly states that it contains "6 MAN-SIZE SERVINGS."
My first thought, as I looked at this can was that there was no way it could feed six people. My second thought was wondering if I could get away with suing them for sexual discrimination. That aside, this can of sloppy joe mix barely fed 3 of us hungry college students, let alone 6 grown men. Since I had witnesses, I asked them to each write a review, which was probably a mistake, since they're both notoriously silly and just made things up. Oh well. Enjoy anyway.

Chris's Comments:

Well, I picked up this can expecting rather a lot I suppose. I was curious how so many "man-sized" servings could fit in such a small container. I thought it was worth a try anyway, so I cooked up a pound or five of meat and covered it with the saucy goo inside, then laughed. Surely this must be some kind of joke? That couldn't feed me, let alone six of me! Then I realized it was simply a miswording: it takes six cans to make one man sized serving! Having this figured out, I went and purchased 5 more cans and another vanful of meat and had myself a hearty dinner. Then I called the construction people to widen my doorway again. I'll show them man sized!

William's Comments:

I don't think that I agreed with the claim that they were man-size servings, before opening the container, unless of course it was so bad that it would take that many men to consume that little volume of sloppy joe.
After opening the container it smelled ok, so I assumed that it was ok, but that the manufacturer was just wrong. Once I had eaten one serving I began to feel a little light headed and realized that the message was a warning that this can could kill this many people for certain, the range due to the fact that man-sized is not an exact definition