AIM: lemonofdarkness or SugarH1ghLow
Yahoo: electric_lemon
E-mail: lemon_fusion@hotmail.com

When: June 15, 1983.

What: Geek, gamer, bookworm, artist, writer, designer, general

Where: I live in a nifty little apartment in Corvallis, Oregon. It's cheap and has shitty wiring (I have to turn my monitor off before we can use the microwave), but it's close to the library and central park, which has swings. Gotta love swings.

Why: Because.

How: do you do.

Eat: I love Chinese and Japanese food, and probably eat more rice than is good for me. On the plus side, rice is cheap. On the minus side, it has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. Other good foods include Coconut Pocky, most types of berries, truffles, and cheese.

Drink: Green tea, Ramune, coffee, most anything alcoholic--though I prefer fruity or tart stuff. (Mmmm...strawberry daquiri....) I can chase pretty much anything with straight lemon juice, hence the nickname.

Read: See Writing

Watch: Anime. I'm a huge Lain fan, in particular. I love it. I also like: Trigun, most Studio Ghibli films, Cowboy Bebop, Ranma 1/2 (when I'm in the right mood), Digi Charat (I am a clam! hee hee!), Chobits (yes, I know it's pure, blatant fan service), and Noir. We watch everything on our computers, as we don't own a TV right now...frankly, I don't
miss it.